Expanding scope of practice for virtual care providers

We provide the in-person services a virtual physician needs to provide great care. Diagnostics, nursing services, point-of-care testing, phlebotomy, and more — all available at transparent cash prices nationwide.

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What we do

Telemedicine has received a huge boost during the pandemic, despite the fact that it has major limitations in terms of care quality and continuity. There's only so much you can diagnose without vitals, auscultation, otoscopy, spirometry, EKGs, or labs.

At the same time, clinics across the country are currently seeing massively reduced foot traffic from patients. A lot of resources — staff, facilities, devices — are going underutilized at a time when budgets are tighter than ever.

We think there's a way to solve both problems at once. Patients from virtual clinics can be refered to clinics, who will provide diagnostic and nursing services on a cash-pay basis. This gives the virtual physicians the data they need to do their job, and lets the clinic better utilize their equipment and staff (without eating up any of the physician's time).

How it works

Brick Health operates a network of facilities offering a fixed menu of diagnostic and nursing services on a walk-in basis. We make these services available and affordable to the patients of virtual clinics and direct-to-consumer health companies.


The patient sees a virtual physician

This could be a one-off virtual visit, a DTC consult, or a virtual primary care visit.


The virtual provider submits an order to Brick Health

This can happen through our dashboard or via API. Each order consists of a set of services, picked from our "menu" (see below).


The patient walks into a Brick Health facility

Brick Health runs brick-and-mortar facilities that provide a menu of in-person medical services on a non-urgent, walk-in basis. Either the patient can pay at the point of service, or the virtual care provider can cover the costs upfront.


A staff member at the facility performs the services

All results are uploaded to the Brick Health clinical dashboard. Lab results may take a few days to become available.


We push the results into the virtual clinician's EMR

This can be done manually or via API integration.


Available on a walk-in basis at any Brick Health facility nationwide


Height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate


Orthostatic vitals

All vitals taken in supine, sitting, and standing positions



Twenty-second digital audio recordings of cardiac, pulmonary, and abdominal sounds


Ear, nose, and throat imaging

High-definition photos of nares, oropharynx, and tympanic membranes


Cerumen removal, one ear

Via irrigation


Cerumen removal, both ears

Via irrigation



Non-urgent use only. Twelve (12) lead EKG.


Stool hemoccults




Peak flow


Rapid urine test


...and that's just the basics.